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26. Dezember 2017

Hi guys! Since I am not talking about beauty products often, I thought it would be nice to write a blogpost about the beauty products I discovered and loved the most in 2017 (except the Chloé perfume which I am using since ages) Continue Reading



22. November 2017


A ritual is not the same thing as a routine. A morning routine might involve, showering, getting dressed, having breakfast or reading mails. Because we’ve done it so many times before, we know what to do and in what order without having to do much thinking. Continue Reading



19. Mai 2017

Hi Guys! It’s been a while since my last blogpost, I just moved back to Austria from Bali, which was quite exhausting. The jetlag this time was really intense and I didn’t have a regular sleep for almost a week! When I got home some parcels were waiting for me, one was from REVIEW and it contained this amazing outfit! Continue Reading



7. Februar 2017

Hi Guys! Another week is over, time is passing so fast tomorrow I go back to Bali already! Before I leave I want to introduce you one of my favorite cafés in Vienna: Burggasse 24. Its not only a café its combined with a vintage store, so you can take a quick break of sipping your coffee to do a little shopping. I love the interior! it looks soo cozy doesn’t it?? The best thing is of course that they got two fireplaces. Continue Reading



10. Mai 2016

Ich werde immer wieder gefragt wie ich meine Bilder bearbeite, welche Filter ich benutze, etc. Also schreibe ich jetzt einfach mal einen ausführlichen Blogpost darüber!


  • Verwende Tageslicht (am Besten finde ich es im Schatten an einem hellen/bewölkten Tag, also kein direktes Sonnenlicht und auch kein zu dunkler Schatten) Falls du in der direkten Sonne fotografierst, achte darauf das du nicht gegen das Licht fotografierst, sondern, dass die Sonne dich anstrahlt.
  • Achte auf den Hintergrund, ich mag am liebsten neutralen, hellen Hintergrund. Eine schöne Hauswand finde ich zb. super schön.
  • Vermeide Farbstiche! Wenn du merkst, dein Foto hat einen gelben oder blauen Farbstich, such dir eine andere Location mit besserem Licht. Beim bearbeiten kann man aber auch noch viel verbessern.

Continue Reading



10. Dezember 2015

Here I put a few christmas gift ideas for girls together! I also got some discount codes for you guys.. I hope you all enjoy the christmas time!

1. Bralette – Fleur of England – 137.48 € – Discount Code 15% „LENA15“

2. Watch – Cluse Watches – 99,95 €

3. Juice cleanse – Kale and Me Saftkur – 3 Tage: 79€ – Discount Code for a 10€ Discount: „KALEANDLENA“

4. Do it yourself scarf – We are Knitters – 99€ – Discount Code 15% „15LENAMARIA“

5. Cashmere Scarf – COS – 69€

6. Bucket Bag – Mon Purse – 349€



4. November 2015

Inspired by Essena O’neill who recently quit social media, I would like to share an important message, especially with my younger followers. Essenas words made me think of my younger self. When I was around 13 or 14 years old, I always envied girls, who I thought had a perfect life, who were beautiful, had perfect relationships or were going on dream vacations. I thought these girls were always happy, which made me feel very sad and insecure! If there are girls following me that think the same way, please don’t! Not a single person in this world is happy all the time and material wealth, an Instagram account with many followers or free products won’t make you happier. Every person has negative feelings and insecurities sometimes. I usually don’t like to talk about anything personal on the internet. I have Instagram and my blog out of my love for inspiring other people’s creativity and style, by taking aesthetic pictures. As Essena already said: social media does not reflect real life, of course people are only sharing their most beautiful/happiest moments. In my case, all of them are staged. I would like for you to see a picture as just that: a picture. It doesn’t have a lot to do with reality, it only reflects one moment the picture is taken. I don’t believe that social media is a bad thing, I love being inspired by the work of others and I really enjoy taking pictures, which might do the same for somebody else, by showing how I dress, or combine items. Blogging isn’t my main profession, which is working as a graphic designer, but Essena made me think about how much I define myself through social media. I do spend a significant amount of time on the web and I want to change and reduce that. (There is an app called „moment“ that shows how many hours a day you’re using your phone.) Please remember: We are all human beings, who sometimes suffer from painful thoughts and insecurities and have experiences that bring us down or cause unhappiness. There is no one in this world, who has a „perfect life“, even if it might appear they do on social media. I’d like to thank Essena for her statement and for helping people to look at social media through a more critical lens.