5. Dezember 2019

LOEWES Idea of a Muse: „This special quality that seems to surround a person or place and to emanate from them. LOEWE AURA Pink Magnolia captures this spirit that moves the artist to create.“ I think thats so true! It needs so much more than a pretty image to get inspired. It often involves a person, a setting, a sound, a smell, a certain lighting or even the weather conditions but most of all its that aura/vibe/mood which you can’t put into words.

LOEWE AURA Pink Magnolia has been designed with a golden brush to represent the muse and all the light that shines from her.
lt’s a floral gourmand with magnolia as the star ingredient and, orbiting around that, supporting notes of musk, sandalwood and red fruits.

My Muse for this shooting was definitely the Aura of the fragrance bottle itself! I hope you like what I have been creating. 

LOEWE AURA Pink Magnolia is exclusively available at

In collaboration with and LOEWE.

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