29. November 2018


When the days are getting darker and greyer and you have to stow away your summer dresses also the colours in the wardrobe are gradually getting darker. In summer creating an outfit is easy – I just throw on a nice little summer dress.. et voilà, but for autumn and winter time I feel like I need to pimp my outfit with something special. And how could this be done better than with a statement bag? Accessories can either make or break an outfit. Especially statement bags are able to transform a complete look and instantly make you feel polished and sophisticated wearing any outfit.

If you are craving for really good quality like I do, statement bags aren’t usually that cheap as you might know. But! I found a lot of really cool bags on eBay Fashion recently. They even have an own section for statement bags. Btw – did you know that 80% of total items sold on eBay are new items and 88% are “buy now” with no bidding necessary ? And did you know, the platform offers more than 1 billion items in total?

I personally am a big lover of second hand shopping – not that its just way more sustainable than buying new items, you very often get really good quality at an affordable price! Almost the whole outfit I am wearing on these pictures consists of second hand pieces! (Except the shoes, the belt, the jewellery and the sunnies) I searched a little bit through Ebay for you guys and saved some pretty cool items, which are similar to my outfit I am wearing on the pictures.



I think a lot of people are a bit sceptical to shopping on eBay because they are afraid of buying something fake for example. So I wrote down some tips for you guys to overcome your own scepticism and fears:

DO YOUR RESEARCH – eBay has a zero tolerance policy for fake items, but still – it saves you time and stress if you do your research beforehand. Read the feedback and ratings of the vendor, look at the photos and compare them to the original designer item. If it looks to good to be true, it probably is.

HAVE A CLOSER LOOK -The quality of the picture doesn’t say anything about the quality of the product. Some of the best pieces are sold by individuals rather than vintage boutiques, and they might not have the time – or skill – to take professional and beautiful photos.

SIGN UP FOR ALERTS -Looking for a specific item but can’t find it, or think the price could be better? Instead of continually searching for the item, set up an alert so that you will get an email if it becomes available.

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE – eBay offers a Money Back Guarantee to buyers. If a purchase doesn’t proceed as planned and the vendor isn’t cooperative, you’ll be able to get a refund.

USE THE EBAY APP  – The eBay app is an absolute must: it is super easy to bid and pay for items.

I really hope my tips are helping you to find your favourite item, or your next statement bag on eBay!

In freundlichen Kooperation mit Ebay Fashion // In friendly collaboration with Ebay Fashion


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