11. Juli 2018

A few weeks ago Marionnaud and Kenzo invited me to the #KENZOPOPPYPARADE to celebrate the Red Edition launch of the iconic fragrance Flower by Kenzo in Rome! Sometimes I am a bit sceptic about press trips, often there is a tight schedule, not a lot of time to take pictures and it totally feels like a work trip. Not with Kenzo though! They literally  organized a one day mini holiday!


We arrived at a beautiful Hotel „Bernini Bristol“ at noon and started a sightseeing tour by following a girl with a huuuge plastic poppy to reconginze her in between all the tourists. We strolled through the area around the hotel and visited the Trevi-Fountain. Our little sightseeing tour ended at the spanish steps where we got surprised by the coolest band ever! Head over to the Highlight „ROME“ in my Instagram stories to see their performance! The band began to move and all the guests were following them to the final destination of the evening – a rooftop terrace with a view over the spanish steps. The terrace was beautifully decorated by tons of pretty poppies and we got spoiled with flying dinner and cold drinks! The most amazing thing of the evening was the sunset though! The sky changed every minute into even prettier colors, I think I took 200 pictures only of the pretty views during the golden hour. After eating, drinking, taking tons of pictures and having great chats with the girls from Vienna we strolled back to our hotel, exhausted from the heat and all the new impressions but with smiles on our faces because it was such a nice day!


At the hotel I met my boyfriend who came to spend 3 more days with me in Rome! We stayed together at the Bernini Bristol and moved to another hotel the next day called „Sweet Inn – Ripetta“ It was located in a really nice area called „Spagna“ which we explored the next day. We found a super nice restaurant called „Hosteria del Mercato„ and another one „Zuma Sushi“, good sushi and an amazing view, a bit too fancy though!

The last two days we did some of the touristy things like visiting the Colosseum, Vatikan and some other areas. My favorite areas have been Monti and Trastevere! Shopping in Rome wasn’t really my thing either, it was too expensive or too mainstream like Zara, Mango, etc. I was missing some cool concept stores to be honest! In general we did what we always do on city trips, getting lost in the city, having a coffee here and some food there and trying to feel the Italian vibe as much as possible!

All in all I had a really good time, Italy just never disappoints! I hope you guys like the pictures I took where I can show you a bit of the Italian vibe!

Huge thanks to KENZO and Marionnaud for the most wonderful trip.


Red Flower Dress: Realisationpar | Shoes: Zara| Ruffle Body: Miss Selfride| Beige Pants: & other Stories | beige Shirt: Urban Outfitters

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