26. Februar 2018

Here it finally is: I’m so excited to share a video about my time in Bali with you and I hope you guys enjoy it! Obviously the video only shows the great parts and seems like a never ending holiday. Reality wasn’t always like that. Let me give you some background information about that time. My original plan was to stay in Bali for 3 months to do a yoga teacher training. Plans changed and 3 months turned into a year. Unfortunately I ended up never doing the training due to severe lower back pain. The back problems had already started in Vienna but I had already booked my ticket and didn’t want to waste it, so I decided to go anyway. When I got to Bali I met Melina, who I started hanging out and working with a lot. We got along so well and had a such a good time together that we decided to share a house for the year. (In Bali yearly rent is much cheaper than monthly rent.) The following year was filled with the craziest ups and downs! On one hand, there was the amazingly beautiful part of total freedom and „high on life“ feelings that came with enjoying the weather, the beach, meeting new people, going on little trips, living in an amazing house and so on. On the other hand it could be super frustrating, because we were not used to the completely different structure and system of Indonesia. A lot of things seemed to take a lot more time and effort than at home. We experienced so much that typical tourists almost never experience when traveling. We had somebody break in into our house and and steal our laptops, for example. We also noticed that we shouldn’t drive our bike alone as soon as it was dark outside, because it could lead to very sketchy situations. Driving the bike can give you a feeling of complete freedom but then you hear about all the accidents or sometimes even see them – it’s scary. Although I had some really rough experiences, I would never want to miss this time, because I learned so, so much about myself and life. After a couple of months Tiago, a friend of ours from Vienna joined us in Bali. He is a videographer and creates the most amazing work. Tiago spent around 4 months with us and created this video with us during that time. We went on trips to Flores and Nusa Penida, explored Bali’s waterfalls and so much more… I think the video speaks for itself. I would love to hear what you think!

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