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Mai 2017



30. Mai 2017

Hi guys! I finally found a normal routine again. It was a bit weird to restart my life here as opposed to being here just for a visit. I got used to it quicker than expected. I moved to the 7th district and I have to say it’s a completely new feeling. I can go on spontaneous coffee dates with friends or quickly go home in between meetings, all that wasn’t possible when I lived in the 14th district. Next to the house I live in now is a fitness center which is so nice, now there are absolutely no excuses though, haha. Continue Reading



19. Mai 2017

Hi Guys! It’s been a while since my last blogpost, I just moved back to Austria from Bali, which was quite exhausting. The jetlag this time was really intense and I didn’t have a regular sleep for almost a week! When I got home some parcels were waiting for me, one was from REVIEW and it contained this amazing outfit! Continue Reading