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März 2017



21. März 2017

Hi guys! Maybe you have already seen that I spent a week on a beautiful Island called Flores. Its a one hour flight away from Bali, the flight itself is stunning because you fly over all these tiny islands surrounded by turquoise water. Our flight stopped in Labuan Bajo, which is the biggest „town“ and harbor in Flores and the place you start all your boat trips from. We didn’t get off the plane because our first adventure was a volcano hike so we had to fly to Ende, which is in the middle of the island. From Ende we took a 2 hour road trip which actually took us 4 hours because we stopped every 5 minutes to take pictures. The ride through the island to that little village was just amazing.. Huge ricefields, rivers, bridges, views.. well, just have a look at the pictures. (: Continue Reading