7. Februar 2017

Hi Guys! Another week is over, time is passing so fast tomorrow I go back to Bali already! Before I leave I want to introduce you one of my favorite cafés in Vienna: Burggasse 24. Its not only a café its combined with a vintage store, so you can take a quick break of sipping your coffee to do a little shopping. I love the interior! it looks soo cozy doesn’t it?? The best thing is of course that they got two fireplaces.Since I am used to the Bali heat I am constantly freezing in Vienna even in the most cafés its just not warm enough, so I just place myself next to the fireplace and do not leave the whole day, haha. I can also recommend their other cafés: Liebling and Schadekgasse 12. They both got a similar style to Burggasse 24. Would you be interested in a blogpost about all my favorite cafés and restaurants in Vienna? Then I would do this when I am here the next time. Wish you a good week!

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