8. August 2017

Some of you might have noticed, that I’ve visited the island Paros in Greece twice this summer. The first time I went spontaneously with friends, and the second trip was with my family, which has been planned for a long time. Both trips have been amazing, Paros is such a beautiful island and it has so much to offer. Continue Reading



29. Juni 2017

I am currently sitting in Greece on an Island called Paros, actually on the little terrace of the hotel I am staying at, writing this blogpost. This outfit I shot a couple days ago in Vienna with Marion, the outfit details are linked at the end of the blogpost. Continue Reading



17. Juni 2017

Hi guys! Since I live in the 7th district its so much easier to shoot! I shot this outfit yesterday with Manuel from Meanwhileinawesometown. We met in my second living room, a café called Burggasse 24, had a quick coffee there and strolled around at Spittelberg to find a good shooting background. We found some cool spots and were so focused on capturing the right angles that we just left our stuff around the corner on the floor. Two police women came to tell us that we should keep an eye on our bags because it could be an invitation for pickpockets… oooups! haha. I got this bag from Radley London a couple weeks ago, Continue Reading



9. Juni 2017

Who else loves that feeling to jump into a nice dress and just feeling comfortable immediately? When I look for a dress I look for something that is feminine but not too girly and is easy to combine with my accessories. This one is from Brandy Melville and I combined it with a classic leather jacket I got from The Bali Tailor. Continue Reading



30. Mai 2017

Hi guys! I finally found a normal routine again. It was a bit weird to restart my life here as opposed to being here just for a visit. I got used to it quicker than expected. I moved to the 7th district and I have to say it’s a completely new feeling. I can go on spontaneous coffee dates with friends or quickly go home in between meetings, all that wasn’t possible when I lived in the 14th district. Next to the house I live in now is a fitness center which is so nice, now there are absolutely no excuses though, haha. Continue Reading



19. Mai 2017

Hi Guys! It’s been a while since my last blogpost, I just moved back to Austria from Bali, which was quite exhausting. The jetlag this time was really intense and I didn’t have a regular sleep for almost a week! When I got home some parcels were waiting for me, one was from REVIEW and it contained this amazing outfit! Continue Reading



17. April 2017

When I got Hiro Nakanishis Email with the invite to the Global Travel Blogger Summit a couple months ago my inner child was screaming and dancing around of being excited because Japan has always been on my bucket list! Hiro who organized the whole summit in Japan wanted to introduce Japans Travel agencies to the blogging world, so he invited 12 Bloggers from all over the world and Melina and me were two of them. Continue Reading



21. März 2017

Hi guys! Maybe you have already seen that I spent a week on a beautiful Island called Flores. Its a one hour flight away from Bali, the flight itself is stunning because you fly over all these tiny islands surrounded by turquoise water. Our flight stopped in Labuan Bajo, which is the biggest „town“ and harbor in Flores and the place you start all your boat trips from. We didn’t get off the plane because our first adventure was a volcano hike so we had to fly to Ende, which is in the middle of the island. From Ende we took a 2 hour road trip which actually took us 4 hours because we stopped every 5 minutes to take pictures. The ride through the island to that little village was just amazing.. Huge ricefields, rivers, bridges, views.. well, just have a look at the pictures. (: Continue Reading



19. Februar 2017

Hi guys! My first week in Bali was very intense! I made so much plans for the next few weeks, I am so excited! A friend of my roommate is currently for one month in bali and he is a great videographer, you can check out his work here. He’s gonna help me with my very first youtube video, isn’t that cool?? Continue Reading



7. Februar 2017

Hi Guys! Another week is over, time is passing so fast tomorrow I go back to Bali already! Before I leave I want to introduce you one of my favorite cafés in Vienna: Burggasse 24. Its not only a café its combined with a vintage store, so you can take a quick break of sipping your coffee to do a little shopping. I love the interior! it looks soo cozy doesn’t it?? The best thing is of course that they got two fireplaces. Continue Reading